Located in central Florida, Orlando is known for being the theme park capital of America! Boasting such popular tourist destinations as Walt Disney World, the Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Orlando is also home to over 250,000 people and 58,000 businesses. With this much commerce squeezed into 110 square miles, there’s sure to be a lot of sensitive documentation and data that needs to be destroyed properly.

Shred Monkeys provides high-quality paper shredding services that create a solution for the sensitive documents that are building up in your space but can’t just be tossed in the trash. Protect the privacy of your self, your family, your customers, and your business by using our paper shredding and data destruction services in Orlando.

We’re happy to provide the following paper shredding services in College Park, Colonial Town Center, Wadeview Park, Dixie Belle, Millenia, Southwest Orlando and other neighborhoods in the Orlando area:

Mobile Onsite Shredding Service

If you’re conducting a large purge of sensitive documents at your business or residence, the idea of feeding pages one-by-one into a shredder is ludicrous. When you hired us for mobile paper shredding services, Shred Monkeys will send a fully-equipped shredding truck to your location in Orlando and take care of your secure document destruction curbside. This service is designed especially for government, commercial, and residential clients who require the utmost security from start to finish of the process.

Pick-Up Shredding Service

If you have to conduct massive paper purges on a regular basis, it might be time consuming to call us and schedule a mobile service every time. In these instances, Shred Monkeys recommends our convenient pick-up shredding service. We’ll provide your Orlando business with secure, tamper proof bins into which you can simply dump your unneeded documents in the bin at the end of the day. Then, on our regularly scheduled pickup day and time, we’ll retrieve the bin contents and immediately transport your documents to our secured facility in Pembroke Pines where they’ll be shredded according to legal specifications.

Drop-Off Shredding Service

Want safe paper shredding services at the most affordable price? Drop-off shredding service is the solution. We provide convenient drop-off collection locations in Pembroke Pines or Lauderhill. Just call ahead so that we know you’re coming!

Shred Monkeys is proud to be Orlando’s partner in information security and more. Contact us to get a FREE QUOTE for paper shredding services today!