Shred Monkeys offers an alternative, cost effective document shredding service for government, commercial and residential clients who generate a large quantity of sensitive documents and do not require an on-site mobile shredding truck present at their location: Pick-up document destruction.

When you choose our pick-up document shredding services, all documents are retrieved from your location from our locked consoles or bins, or in boxes if it’s a one-time service, called a Purge. The documents are directly transported by our document destruction specialist to our secured facility which is monitored 24/7/365 and prepared for our secure document shredding process. Additional offsite services include the destruction of hard drives through the same process.

All our pick-up shredding services include a Certificate of Destruction which is provided to clients after each shredding service visit, reflecting the date and quantity of the shredding service. We are an eco-friendly company so all documents shredded through our service will be delivered to a local recycling center to be turned into new material.

Privacy laws apply to every business!

Businesses should know about the FACTA, HIPAA and GLB Disposal rules:

  • Severe Penalties await Violators
  • Destruction of Consumer Information is required by Federal Law before it is Discarded
  • This Applies to Virtually Every Business and Person in the United States.

Our highly trained Document Security Specialists can provide detailed information about exactly which privacy laws apply to your business or answer any questions that you may.