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Shred Monkeys Is Your Trusted Partner for Professional Shredding Services

Without proper storage or document destruction solutions, it can be easy for all of your sensitive documentation to build up and create clutter. From hard drive destruction and paper shredding to document storage solutions, Shred Monkeys has the services you need to securely destroy sensitive documents and recycle 100% of everything we shred. Whether you are a government, commercial, or residential client, we have services that are tailored to your needs.

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Why Choose Shred Monkeys for Shredding Services in Broward County

  • We have over 10 years of experience in the shredding service industry

  • We're a locally owned and operated shredding company

  • We offer both mobile onsite and offsite plant-based document destruction

  • We're capable of shredding thousands of pounds of paper per hour

  • We recycle 100% of everything we shred!

Broward County Paper Shredding Services

Located just north of the Miami metropolitan area, Broward County is a popular tourist destination as well as a leader in agricultural production. The area is home to nearly 2 million people and over 55,000 businesses, which means it's also home to thousands of pounds of potentially sensitive paper documentation that needs to be destroyed properly.

Shred Monkeys is your simple solution for the piles of sensitive documentation that's building up in your space but can't just be tossed in the trash. Protect the privacy of your self, your family, your customers, and your business by using our paper shredding and data destruction services in Broward County.

We're happy to provide the following paper shredding services in Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and other cities in Broward County:

Mobile Onsite Shredding Service

Can't be bothered to drop everything and run a dozen storage file boxes to the shredder? Then don't! Shred Monkeys will send a full-equipped mobile onsite shredding truck to your location in Broward County and you can watch while all of your documentation is destroyed securely. This service is designed especially for government, commercial, and residential clients who require the utmost security from start to finish of the process.

Pick-Up Shredding Service

Do you find yourself constantly stepping over boxes of documents that need to be destroyed? For our high volume customers, Shred Monkeys offers a convenient pick-up shredding service that allows us to make regular collections from your Broward County location. Our secure, tamper proof bins make paper shredding as easy as recycling, simply dump your unneeded documents in the bin at the end of the day. Just schedule a regular pick-up time, and we'll immediately transport your documents to our secured facility where they'll be shredded according to legal specifications.


Shred Monkeys is proud to be Broward County's partner in information security and more. Contact us to get a FREE QUOTE for paper shredding services today!