With nearly 80,000 people and 4,000 businesses, there certainly is a need for paper shredding and document destruction services in Monroe County, Florida. Properly destroying documents is the best way businesses can stay protected from issues like data loss and data breaches, as well as financial ruin.

Shred Monkeys provides the secure destruction of sensitive documentation that is beginning to pile up inside the desk drawers and cabinets for both home and business owners alike! 

Our shredding company is happy to provide the following document destruction services in Key West, Marathon, Key Largo, and the other cities within Monroe County:

Mobile Shredding Services

Securely destroying sensitive documentation has never been made easier thanks to our mobile shredding services. With a mobile shredding truck, our shred experts can drive to your location in Monroe County and shred all of your documents right in front of you — you don’t have to leave your home or business! Our mobile shredding services are ideal for government, commercial, and residential clients who need the utmost security from start to finish of the shredding process.

Pick-Up Shredding Service

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective alternative to onsite shredding services, our pick-up document destruction services may be the solution you seek. Our experts will pick up all the documents you would like destroyed from your location and will transport them directly to a secure facility where they will properly be destroyed. All our pick-up shredding services include a Certificate of Destruction which reflects the date and quantity of the shredding service.

Drop-Off Shredding Service

If you only have a few boxes full of documentation to destroy, or infrequent shredding needs. drop-off shredding services may be for you! Offering the same security, guarantees, and document handling process as our mobile document shredding services. drop-off paper shredding service is the best, most cost-effective way for individuals, small home-based businesses or small volume companies that need to maintain and follow FACTA, HIPAA and GLB disposal guidelines. 

Hard Drive Destruction

Proper destruction of old hard drives is essential whenever you choose to upgrade to new equipment. If not destroyed properly, system hard drives will still contain your personal information. Fortunately, the hard drive shredding services from Shred Monkey ensure that your hard drives are destroyed, making it impossible for anyone to recover any date from it. 

Document Imaging and Storage

Document scanning is designed to save time and money, preserve natural resources, secure vital information, free up much-needed space, and allow access to any document at any time in seconds. The experts at Shred Monkeys have the equipment and technology to turn your paper documents into digital information that you can access anytime through our onsite document imaging, Back File conversion, recurring scanning, or scan-on-demand services. We image and scan documents with expert-quality clarity, regardless of the document type or industry

Shred Monkeys is proud to be your Monroe County paper shredding partner and is available to help you destroy any sensitive documentation that you need. Contact us to get a free estimate for our different shredding services today!