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1. Why use Shred Monkeys?

  • The industry’s top customer service company.
  • Best reviews from independent sites across the board.
  • Our locations are locally owned, operated and locally fed.
  • Never a voice recording, customer service representative ready to assist.
  • The latest in technology for secure document and data destruction.
  • Our company policy states never any hidden fees.
  • Live fleet GPS tracking for efficient routing and awareness.

All shredding companies talk about being licensed, insured, certified, bonded, background checks, compliant, 24 hour monitored location and providing a certificate of destruction. This is standard to be a secure security partner for any company, Shred Monkeys has it all.

2. What is the most secure process?

Shred Monkeys eliminates any doubt of liability by providing its secure document destruction onsite, meaning all your documents are destroyed at your location. This is the most secure process period. No certifications, company size, number of trucks or amount of locations can change that, onsite document destruction is the most secure process.

3. What documents do I need to shred?

Truth is you should be shredding everything, its not just documents with social securities this is a misconception. Beyond staying compliant and following shredding laws you eliminate any liability of documents falling in the wrong hands.

4. What happened to my documents or data devices once destroyed?

Shred Monkeys takes pride in being green therefore all paper items once destroyed are completely processed for recycling to be reused in everyday products. All data devices such as hard drives and other electronic devices are also shredded and recycled.

5. Do we get charged for the shredding consoles or bins?

Shred Monkeys does not charge for the locked secure shredding console or bin placed at your location nor do we charge a delivery fee.

6. How much does it cost to use a professional shredding company?

Shred Monkeys affordable onsite document shredding services is far less expensive than having any of your employees do the job. Not to mention the exposure and liability of confidential documents.

7. Do I need a third-party service for a data breach?

No, you don’t. This type of service is added income for shredding companies. Truth is, you must have a data breach company policy in place whether you are using a professional document shredding company or not.

8. Do you offer residential services?

Shred Monkeys provides it services to both commercial and residential clients.

9. What else can you destroy besides paper?

Shred Monkeys is not limited to paper only. Shred Monkeys also destroys products and electronic devices such as hard drives, cell phones, computers, uniforms or counterfeit goods.

10. What type of clients do you service?

Shred Monkeys services anywhere from a Fortune 500 company, State local or Federal agency, Hospitals, down to your home office.

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