top-banner3Located in southeastern Florida (at what is nearly the southernmost part of the state), Miami-Dade County is home to over 2 million people and 80,000 businesses. With all of those homes, apartments, condos, and offices comes a lot of sensitive documentation, files, and waste paper building up in cabinets and on shelves.

Shred Monkeys is your simple solution to the sensitive documentation that’s building up in your space but can’t just be tossed in the trash. Protect the privacy of your self, your family, your customers, and your business by using our paper shredding and data destruction services in Miami-Dade County.

We’re happy to provide the following paper shredding services in Miami, Miami Beach, Homestead, Kendall, Hialeah and other cities in Miami-Dade County:

Mobile Onsite Shredding Service

Don’t have the time or resources to bring all of your documents to our shredding facility for destruction? No worries! Shred Monkeys will send a full-equipped mobile onsite shredding truck to your location in Miami-Dade County and shred all of your documents while you watch! This service is designed especially for government, commercial, and residential clients which require the utmost security from start to finish of the process.

Pick-Up Shredding Service

Do you require paper shredding services on a regular basis, such as once a week or every three months on the nose? If so, Shred Monkeys offers a convenient pick-up shredding service. We’ll install locked consoles or bins at your Miami-Dade County location so that documents can be deposited at your convenience. Then, we’ll retrieve paper from the bins at a regularly scheduled time, transporting them immediately to our secured facility in Pembroke Pines where they’ll be shredded according to legal specifications.

Drop-Off Shredding Service

If you only have a few boxes of documentation to shred or require shredding services on a very infrequent basis, our drop-off shredding option may be the most convenient and affordable paper shredding service. Just call ahead so that we know you’re coming!

Shred Monkeys is proud to be Miami-Dade County’s partner in information security and more. Contact us to get a FREE QUOTE for paper shredding services today!