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Your Orlando Paper Shredding Service Gives You Reasons Why You Hate Mondays

“Hate” is a powerful word and probably overused too often. For example, you may not really hate a television show or Applebee’s. you merely dislike these things. But when people say they hate Mondays, they really mean it. In fact, “I hate Mondays” is a phrase we hear all too often.

But just what is it that causes Mondays to be such a despicable day? After all, it’s not like Mondays are all 24-hours of living nightmares. And what about the other six days of the week? We have all had bad Wednesdays and bad Fridays before. Scratch that, Friday can never be a bad day.

If you think about it, Mondays have some pretty good moments. Mondays feature football, some pretty decent television shows and sometimes we even have Mondays off. Mondays are also the day that Shred Monkeys, your Orlando paper shredding service, show up at the office and they are a great group of people.

Football and Shred Monkeys aside, let’s take a look at the reasons why we hate Mondays so much.

End of Weekend

One reason people hate Mondays so much is because it marks the end of the weekend. After enjoying a lovely weekend spending time with friends and family doing things you enjoy and sleeping in until 10 am, BAM, you suddenly have to set your alarm to ensure you are up before the crack of dawn, have to put on clothes you hate wearing and have to commute to a place you would rather not be.

While Friday evening marks the beginning of the weekend, the time you have your most fun, Monday morning greets you with the thought of, “Oh my goodness, the weekend is over and reality has set in.”

More Busy

For whatever reason, Mondays seem to be rather busy at work. Many companies hold weekly meetings on Mondays, it is the opportune time to discuss what happened the previous week and what goals to set for the current week. Mondays are also popular days to meet with clients or make those phone calls you missed the week before. It doesn’t help Monday’s cause if it is associated with more work.

High Levels of Emotion

People are sad because the weekend is over and they are mad because they have to go back to work, Mondays are just an assortment negative emotions. And because of this emotional roller coaster, even small things like a jammed stapler or a paper cut sends people over the edge.

Sweet Memories

You sit at your workstation Monday morning trying really hard to focus on the tasks at hand. Unfortunately, your mind wanders and the fond memories of the things you did over the weekend intensify your hatred of Mondays. Monday is literally ruining your life.

Friday is So Far Away

On Monday morning, Friday after seems just so far away, there is really no light at the end of the dark tunnel until at least Wednesday afternoon.

Mondays are Longer

Mondays are longer than the other days of the week. No, seriously, you know exactly what we are talking about. You look up at the clock and it’s 2 pm. you check again in an hour and it’s 2:05 pm. Each passing minute on Mondays takes an eternity.

You are Tired

You go to bed late Sunday night because you want to squeeze out every minute of the weekend and have to wake up early on Monday morning, so you start the week tired and lethargic. In addition, you spend your weekends doing the fun things you enjoy like riding bikes, hiking and other physical activities. So come Monday morning, you are pretty spent, you feel like a zombie and could sleep all day.

Foul Mood

If you see somebody smiling or otherwise enjoying a happy moment on a Monday, it makes you want to rip their heart out. Mondays aren’t for happiness and smiles, they are for agony and pulsating veins on your forehead.

Social Media

Yet another reason we hate Mondays so much is that social media is plagued by memes about how horrible Mondays are, there is just no escaping them. Even if you really didn’t mind Mondays a few years ago, Facebook posts about Mondays changed your mind.