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Your Paper Shredding Services Provider in Orlando Explains Why Fridays are Awesome

Shred Monkeys, your paper shredding services provider in Orlando, knows just what Fridays feel like for workers all over America: Awesome.

Walking out the door on Friday morning almost feels like you are leaving for a vacation. There are only eight hours of work between you and the weekend you have been looking forward to all week. You get to work ready to take on anything. Of course, you seem to do anything but actually work on Fridays because multiple studies have shown Friday to be the least productive day of the workweek by a long shot.

Lack of production aside, Fridays put everybody in a better mood, probably because people tend to lose the bad attitudes they have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Here are some other reasons why we love Fridays so much.


No Calories

Calories obviously don’t count on Fridays because we all seem to overindulge. It’s only on Fridays when many of us eat three donuts instead of an apple. It’s only on Fridays that we scarf down two supreme burritos from Taco Bell and wash it down with a gallon of Mountain Dew; the other days of the week we eat salads and tomato sandwiches with water for lunch. And it is only on Fridays that we skip our afternoon tea and indulge in a Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream from Starbucks; Grande of course. In fact, if it wasn’t for Fridays, we wouldn’t need to hit the gym nine times a week.

Dress Down

On Fridays, you leave the rigid business suits at home and come to work wearing your favorite jeans and a polo shirt. You even swap out your Wing Tips for a pair of tennis shoes. Casual Fridays should be a national holiday.

Plan the Weekend

As we mentioned before, Fridays are the least productive day of the week. One reason why is because many of you spend your Fridays at work planning what you will be doing over the weekend. Some of you start planning on Monday morning.

Fridays are Surreal

Nothing bad happens on Fridays, or so it seems. The reality is that bad things do happen on Fridays, just like any other day of the week, but they just don’t feel as bad. Dramas aren’t such a big deal on Fridays, the commute is less harsh and even the obnoxious guy in sales doesn’t bother you as much.

You Take on Anything

Fridays are the day you basically say “yes” to everything. You have avoided taking on another project all week but finally cave on Friday because you are so happy and ready to take on everything. Of course, this elation will be completely depleted by Monday morning and you will be kicking yourself for taking on such a project.

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