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What Do Real People Think About Our Paper Shredding Services?


In case you haven’t noticed, the team here at Shred Monkeys is pretty proud that we’ve come to be known as the most reliable paper shredding services provider in Central and Southern Florida.

For many years, we’ve been working hard to perfect our services. Unlike other paper shredding companies in Orlando, we offer multiple different document destruction options so that you can choose the service or services that fits your needs.

  • Have a basement full of documentation that you’d rather not haul to the recycling station? Use our convenient drop off shredding service with multiple locations throughout Florida.
  • Finally getting around to cleaning out the file storage closet at work? Don’t put your information security at risk. Contact us for our pick-up bulk shredding service.
  • Tired of having to schedule document destruction every time your business goes through a purge? Schedule our mobile shredding service to visit your company location on a regular basis, and never think about secure document shredding again!

Of course, we can tell you how great working with Shred Monkeys is until we’re blue in the face, but you expect that from our team. What may help to demonstrate the benefit of our paper shredding services in a more powerful way is to hear a testimonial from a real person here in the Orlando area.

Today, we’d like to take a look at a 5-Star Review someone recently left for our business on, a completely independent, third-party online review service. It’s just a little bit of proof that great customer service does still exist in this world, and you’ll find it at Shred Monkeys in Orlando.


Review Of Our Paper Shredding Services From A Local Attorney

“Service was very good. Carmen as an introduction to the process was professional and pleasant and gave me her cell number so she could be reached when needed and always in a timely fashion. John, the person that came to provide the service, was also professional, nicely dressed, had good manners, happy personality and diligent with his work. Service was provided when needed and the service call was on time. I will recommend to other attorneys.” – Claire C.

First off, we’d like to thank Claire for taking the time to leave us this positive review! We realize our customers are very busy (that’s usually why they call us for paper shredding services in the first place) and we appreciate the fact that she took time out of her day to let others in Orlando know what they can expect when they work with Shred Monkeys.

Next we’d like to point out a few ways in which this review highlights aspects of our secure document shredding services of which we’re particularly proud.

Carmen…gave me her cell number so she could be reached when needed and always in a timely fashion.

We may be a growing paper shredding service company, but that will never be an excuse to provide inferior customer service. We treat each one of our clients like family, going above and beyond to make sure you can get answers to questions, no matter when they might arise.

John…was…nicely dressed.

Document security is no joke. That’s why each of our mobile shredding service technicians will always arrive in uniform and driving a marked truck. You can be sure you’re working with the pros from start to finish.

I will recommend to other attorneys.

We love to hear this! We realize that our best chance for helping more people is for our current customers to spread the word about our paper shredding services. We can’t wait to help Claire and her colleagues again in the future.

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