1. Your Orlando Document Scanning Service Offers Tips on Reducing Stress at Work

    While some workplace stress is normal, too much stress can interfere with productivity, performance and even impact your life outside of working hours. In fact, if workplace stress is not kept in check, in can have a negative impact on your emotional health, physical health and even on your relationships. The first thing you need to understand is that you can't control everything in your work envi…Read More

  2. Your Orlando Mobile Shredding Service Wants You to Enjoy Your Job

    Do you feel bad about having to go to work every morning? Many people are less than positive about their current job and are either bored, weary or just plain frustrated. Your job sucks an enormous amount of energy from you and uses up too much time. If you have this type of attitude about work, you are never going to be a happy person. The only way you can enjoy a pleasant life is if you love the…Read More

  3. Your Orlando Paper Shredding Service Gives You Reasons Why You Hate Mondays

    "Hate" is a powerful word and probably overused too often. For example, you may not really hate a television show or Applebee's. you merely dislike these things. But when people say they hate Mondays, they really mean it. In fact, "I hate Mondays" is a phrase we hear all too often. But just what is it that causes Mondays to be such a despicable day? After all, it's not like Mondays are all 24-hou…Read More

  4. Mobile Shredding Services and What Not to Wear at Work

    Anyone who thinks they can wear whatever they want to work is completely confused, to put it mildly. Even if the place where you work is all hip and cool and claims to have no dress code, there are still things you don't wear to the office. Look, ladies, leave the Daisy Duke shorts at home and the fishnet stocking for your Friday night clubbing, nobody wants to see that when they are trying to mak…Read More

  5. Paper Shredding Services and Boredom

    So, it's Friday afternoon and only about two hours of work left until you can go home and enjoy the weekend. Oh, did we say work? The boss took a half day today so nobody is really working at all. In fact, everybody is just sitting around until 5 pm and are actually quite bored at the moment. There are things you could be doing. For example, you could finish that Johnson contract that was due las…Read More

  6. Mobile Shredding Service and Three-Day Weekends

    That smile on your face indicates that you are well-aware there is a three-day weekend coming up in due time. That's right, in just a few short weeks, you get the pleasure of enjoying a three-day weekend over Labor Day. For many of us, the three-day weekend is a chance to take some much-needed time to sleep in and otherwise relax. For others, it's the perfect opportunity to catch up on projects t…Read More

  7. Utilizing Paper Shredding Services in Orlando

    The inability to discard worthless things that have no known value is often referred to as hoarding. Hoarding is a bad habit. You might picture a hoarder as a homeowner with rooms in his house filled with junk, something you might see on a reality television show. What you might not know is that companies can be hoarders as well. There are many organizations that obsessively collect and store va…Read More

  8. Your Orlando Mobile Shredding Services Can Help on Your Day Off

    In our last post, we gave you a number of excuses you can use to blow the day off work. You have had it up to your chin and desperately need a day to yourself away from work. We know just how you feel. With a good excuse and a little luck, you managed to get a day off, good for you. But now you have to decide what to do. If you want to hide under the covers in your bed and watch Netflix all day…Read More

  9. Orlando Paper Shredding Services and Excuses For Missing Work

    Let's be completely honest about it. If you are reading this right now sitting at your desk at work, you are trying in vain to look busy, but are instead wasting time on the internet. And even if you are a productive worker with integrity and honesty, you can't stand being chained to that desk under fluorescent lighting for another minute. Unfortunately, you are limited to the days you can take of…Read More

  10. Storage File Boxes Orlando and Cool Gadgets For Your Desk

    For years, stacks of paper have been accumulating on your desk, in your drawers and even in the space under your desk, it has gotten a little out of hand to be sure. Your desk has enough room for your computer, phone, cup of coffee and a few other assorted items. You are starting to feel a little cramped in your workspace. You decided to lodge a complaint and management has seen fit to resolve you…Read More