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5 Interesting Things You Never Knew About Paper Shredding

Mention the term “mobile shredding services” to most people in Orlando, and you’re likely to be greeted with a roll of the eyes and maybe a giant, face-splitting yawn. Even if they don’t actually yawn, they’re probably yawning on the inside.

Here at Shred Monkeys, however, we love to talk about shredding services, whether mobile, drop-off, or pick up–all of which we offer throughout Central and Southern Florida. What some people consider to be a mundane part of running a business and complying with information security laws, we consider to be a fascinating topic of our society. After all, you can learn an awful lot about a civilization from what they throw away–or in the case of mobile paper shredding–send to the recycling bin.

Whether you’re a small law firm in Pembroke Pines that needs to free up space by eliminating unnecessary paper documentation, or a large health care practice in Orlando that needs to schedule document shredding services on a regular basis, Shred Monkeys can provide convenient, secure mobile shredding services. Keep reading some unexpectedly interesting facts about paper shredding or contact us for a quote today!

Strange And Wonderful Facts About Document Shredding

1. The Paper Shredder Was Invented Over 100 Years Ago

It may seem like modern technology but the paper shredder was actually invented way back in 1909. The genius behind this document shredding tool was named Abbot Augustus Lowe, but he rarely gets credit for the advent of mobile shredding services because he passed away before he could reproduce his initial prototype.

2. Paper Shredders Have Saved Lives

Fast forward a few decades, and another engineer, a German by the name of Adolf Ehinger, invented his own paper shredder as a way of protecting himself from the clutches of the Nazi Secret Police. Upon learning that the SS had him in their crosshairs, Ehinger used his paper shredder to destroy thousands of pieces of anti-Nazi propaganda to avoid being detected as a revolutionary.

3. Paper Shredders Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

As we detailed in a previous post, adults, young children, and even family pets have suffered terrible injuries at the hands of their home paper shredder. Avoid the risk and call Shred Monkeys for mobile shredding services now!

4. Paper Shredding Changed Forever In 1979

It was in this year that Iranian revolutionaries rocked the world of paper shredding forever when they seized and easily pieced together strip-shredded documents from the American Embassy, gaining very sensitive intelligence information. This incident spurred the invention of cross-cut shredders for all government and commercial documentation destruction.

5. Paper Shredding Reduces Your Chances Of Identity Theft

According to a 1988 Supreme Court ruling, any trash that is placed by a street curb is legally public property and can be searched by anyone who cares to take a look. This is why we highly recommend our mobile shredding services rather than tossing the contents of your office shredder into the recycling bin!

Surprised by these facts about document shredding? Some of them were news to us too! We hope you’ll learn from the mistakes of others and contact Shred Monkeys in Orlando for mobile shredding services today. Just place your documents in our secure bins and we’ll take care of the rest.