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Your Paper Shredding Service in Orlando Offers a List of What You Need at Your Desk

Your desk might be messy, disorganized and maybe even a little gross, but that usually doesn’t mean your productivity is less than the person sitting next to you. That is because even though your desk and the area where you work might be a little on the messy side, you have all of the essentials you need to get through the day no matter what comes your way.

If you think about it, you probably spend more time at your desk in a week than you do sleeping. Unless, of course, you sleep at your desk. You go to great lengths to ensure that you have everything you need next to your bed. Your nightstand is stocked full of the things you might just need in the middle of the night. You make sure you are well-prepared.

Just as you stock up on things you need in the bedroom, so should you stock up on the things you need at your desk at work. It makes sense because look how much time you spend there. Shred Monkeys, your paper shredding service in Orlando, offer you this list of items you need to keep at your desk.


Office Jacket

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy or snazzy, a simple Mr. Rogers style sweater will do just fine. This comes in very handy in the winter if the temperatures are mild when you head out to work, but then a cold front hits at noon and you are freezing because you failed to check the weather before you left.

It also comes in handy in the summer when someone decides to blast the A/C, leaving you shivering.


You are an adult, we don’t need to explain to you what happens when you get a bit too warm and start sweating. You use deodorant because you probably need deodorant, so have it handy.

Grooming Items

Your desk shouldn’t look like a Hollywood makeup desk crammed with combs, brushes and beauty products, but a few essential are fine. Whether you are meeting a new client late in the afternoon or ran into some windy weather and rain on your lunch break, it always feels good to spruce yourself up a bit. Having a few items on hand makes it easy to make yourself more presentable and professional in mere minutes.


Yep, you did not read that wrong. There will be times, especially in the winter months, when you are going to wear clunky boots due to the weather. They will be big enough and uncomfortable enough that you will want to change out of them once you reach the office. And sure, you could keep an extra pair of work shoes at your desk, but why not indulge yourself with some super-warm, super-comfortable slippers?

One Dress-Up Item

You may already dress up when you go to the office. But there will be that occasion when you will want to look a little more dressed up. In other words, you want to take your looks from a 10 to an 11.

This way, when the company CEO pops in for a surprise visit, you just slip that tie on or that statement necklace that makes you look so good.


You spend time at work doing any number of things including chatting with clients, gossiping with co-workers and watching YouTube videos on your break. But when you have a deadline and need to hunker down and get to work, you need something to keep out the distractions. When you are wearing headphones at work, it is the universal signal for “leave me alone I am in the zone.”

Lint Roller

No matter how free from hair and lint your black shirt was when you left the house this morning, by noon it is covered with all sorts of stuff. You can use scotch tape to clean off your shirt, but management frowns on this and it can take several roles to clean one shirt. You are better off keeping a lint brush at your desk that you can whip on when the need arises.

Hand Sanitizer

You need hand sanitizer because the person sitting next to you sneezes no fewer than 12 times a day.

You should also have a sticky note with Shred Monkeys phone number so you can call them when you need documents shredded.