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Your Orlando Mobile Paper Shredding Service Offers Gift Ideas for Your Boss

It’s that time of year when we spend a lot of time and money buying gifts for our friends and family members for the holidays. Some people are easy to shop for, like kids for example. Some people are rather difficult to shop for, like uncle Phil who already has everything. And then there is your boss, who you have to buy a gift for this year.

That’s right, you and your coworkers all ante up every year to buy a Christmas gift for your boss. And every year, you all draw straws to choose the lucky person who gets to shop for the gift. This year, you drew the short straw.

Buying a gift for your boss can be very tricky because you don’t want to misjudge their sense of humor or personality. Let’s face it, your boss doesn’t have a sense of humor or a personality for that matter. Still, you want to find a gift that is appropriate, somewhat personal and one that will put you and your colleagues in good graces with your boss.

If you are totally confused and have no idea what gift to give your boss for Christmas, we get it. Which is why Shred Monkeys, your mobile shredding service in Orlando, is offering you these tips and ideas for gifts you can give your boss for Christmas.


Aim to Please and Not to Impress

Keep the gift you buy for your boss simple and sincere and stay away from personal items. An over-the-top gift puts pressure on your boss to respond with over-sincerity. And never brag to other departments about the gift your team gave to your boss, it reflects poorly on you and your team.

Be Discreet

Even if the gift is from an entire team or department, deliver it in private without making a show in front of other employees and management.

Be Honest

Give the gift to your boss without expecting anything in return. Sure, your boss might show appreciation by letting everybody leave early one day or take everybody out for lunch, but that is not to be expected.

Focus on the Recipient

The gift you choose for your boss should be something you think they will like, not something that you like. It always helps if you have the right intentions.

Here are a few gift ideas for your boss.

Luggage Locator

If your boss travels a lot, get them a luggage locator so they will know exactly where their luggage is when they arrive at their destination. Luggage locators sync up with your smartphone and turn off on flights, so they are TSA friendly.

Tickets to the Game

Sporting events are fun to attend and can leave a lasting impression. You can buy your boss tickets to the football, basketball, baseball or even hockey game in your area.

Desktop Clock

A desktop clock is sure to be a welcome addition to your boss’s desk. There are many styles and types of desktop clocks available, making it easy to find one that suits your boss to a T.

Embroidered Travel Case

While your boss may have a travel case if he travels quite often, we are betting he doesn’t have an embroidered travel case. An embroidered travel case is a great way to ensure your boss’s travel case doesn’t get mixed up with others. They will never leave home without it.

Electronic Wine Chiller

If you know that your boss is a wine drinker, an electronic wine chiller makes a great gift. These handy gadgets keep wine cold without the need for ice cubes and keeps the wine at the perfect temperature.

Voice Recorder

A voice recorder is one of the easiest and best ways to remember all of the important ideas that pop into your head. Your boss will love it.

Zen Garden

Work can be stressful, and it is even more so when you are the boss. So get your boss something that will help relax them and keep them chilled out, like a zen garden. You can find zen gardens that fit on a desk and promise to put the chill in “chillax.”

Another great gift would be to sign up for paper shredding service with Shred Monkeys, it’s the gift that gives all year long.