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Your Orlando Document Scanning Service Offers Office Party Tips

‘Tis the season for office holiday parties. Office holiday parties are fun, festive and a great way to get to know your colleagues in a more personal level. Office parties can also turn disastrous when inhibitions are let loose and people aren’t on their best behavior.

Christmas is the time of year for giving, and it is likely your company will give generously this year. This generosity won’t be in the form of a nice bonus, pay raise or extra time off, what you will get this year is something much better than that. You see, your company will give you the gift of an office party; the most haphazard and awkward gift.

This will be the one and only time of year that you are truly allowed to let your hair down and be yourself. You will have a few drinks, have a nice meal and celebrate the holiday season with the very same people you deal with on a daily basis Monday through Friday from nine to five.

This sounds all too easy, right? All you need to do is dress up, eat good food and enjoy some conversation with your co-workers. But it is never as easy as it seems. There are so many questions that need to be answered. For example, you wonder how much you should drink and how you start a conversation with the office crush. You will also wonder what you will say to your boss. These are all questions that need to be addressed before the party starts.

If you don’t address these questions, your office party could take a turn for the worse. And there is nothing more awkward than making a fool of yourself at the office party and having to face your peers in the aftermath.

Shred Monkeys, your document scanning service in Orlando, offers you this list on how to behave at your office party.


One Drink, Two Drinks, Three Drinks and More

Whereas one glass of champagne or a few sips of wine is too little to drink, chugging an entire bottle of Dom Perignon is too much. Now, it is a party and you are allowed to have some fun, so having a few beers, cocktails or glasses of wine is perfectly acceptable. But when you notice you are starting to slur your words or you have the sudden urge to take your shirt off and pound your chest, then cut yourself off.

There may also be drinks you avoid altogether depending on how they affect you. For example, if you have had bad experiences in the past when drinking tequila, then politely decline the margarita. And never take shots of Jagermeister, never.

Have G-Rated Fun

This is both a work function and a social activity, which means even though you are allowed to have fun, you need to keep it very respectable. If you are involved in a conversation that goes from G to PG to R, you might want to either exit the scene or throw in a wrench to change the direction of the subject matter. In any case, make sure you don’t add fuel to the fire but injecting your unfiltered response. Remember, you will have to face these people Monday morning.

Don’t Bling More Than the Decorations

Sure, it is the time of year to glitter and shine, but save the glitter halter top for your next PTA meeting. Remember that even in a social gathering, what you wear influences others perception of your professional competence.

That said, it’s quite alright to show the fun side of you by wearing festive accessories or even sparkly shoes.


Make sure you acknowledge as many co-workers as you can, not just the ones you like. Remember, this isn’t high school prom, don’t act like a stuck-up 15-year-old.

An office holiday party is a perfect opportunity to talk to your co-workers and superiors about issues not related to work or related to work in a positive and complimentary light. Even if there is somebody there you really dislike, like Bob from accounting, for example, it is best if you at least chat with them even for just a moment or two.

As for your office crush, we recommended you remain discreet. There will be better opportunities to acknowledge your love.

If you survived your office party and are in the market for an excellent document scanning service, we can help. Contact Shred Monkeys today.