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Your Mobile Shredding Service in Orlando Offers Tips to Keeping Resolutions

Maybe you rang in 2018 with the resolve to lose weight, quit smoking or be more productive at work. At least you picked realistic goals to reach. These resolutions probably sound very familiar to many of you, as they are goals that you have set for yourself in the past many, many times. And they are probably goals you will vow to reach every New Year’s Eve.

This is because the same thing happens at the beginning of every year, you make lofty resolutions and wind up breaking them before the end of the month. Not to fret, you are not alone in this tragic cycle. Research tells us that over half of people who make resolutions break them before the end of January. And by Valentine’s Day, many more will have lost their gumption and will fail in their resolutions.

So how can your determination to lose weight and be more productive at work stick around past February 14th? Well, there ate tips you can follow that will help you succeed in carrying out your New Year’s resolutions. Shred Monkeys, your mobile shredding service in Orlando, offer up these tips for making your resolutions stick.


Make Smaller Resolutions

You might want to resolve to be more productive at work and get a big raise and promotion, but we highly suggest against making such a commitment. While we admire your aspirations, setting a goal so big just sets you up for complete failure. The key to a successful resolution is focusing on one goal at a time, and a goal that is actually achievable.

Be Specific About Your Goals

Rather than a rather vague resolution to lose weight, get specific about how much weight you want to lose, a time frame in which you want to lose the weight and just how you plan on going about losing this weight.

Start off with a reasonable goal, like 25 pounds for example. But, instead of just resolving to lose 25 pounds, you resolve to lose five pounds a month for five months. And you will lose five pounds a month by hitting the treadmill 45 minutes every other day in addition to three workouts a week at your gym. Oh yes, let’s not forget that you are also giving up Triple Whoppers and Big Macs in your quest to lose weight.

You see, now that is a resolution that is well thought out and totally attainable.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

We all make mistakes, this is because we are not perfect beings. And if you make a mistake that involves your resolution, it really isn’t a big deal. So you found yourself parked in a Burger King parking lot the other night with a Big Mac in one hand and a Triple Whopper in the other, brush it off and move on man. Taking missteps here and there is all a part of making difficult changes. Everybody will have their ups and downs and you are no exception.

Make Resolutions For All of the Right Reasons

If you are making a resolution because your boyfriend or girlfriend is suggesting it, then it is likely not to succeed. If they want you to change and you really don’t want to make any changes, the resolution is destined to fail, as your relationship no doubt will as well.

Post Your Goals

It helps if you write down your goals and tape them somewhere where you see them every day. It also helps if you post your resolutions on Facebook and Instagram for the world to see.

Seeing your goals tapes to your bathroom mirror every day reminds you of what needs to be done to reach those goals. You never are given the chance to forget the goals you set for yourself.

In posting your resolution on social media, you are less likely to give up on them because you know people are tracking your progression. If you give up on a goal, someone from Facebook will ask what happened. Being held accountable for your actions is a great motivator.

Ask For Help

You have friends and family who care for you, ask them to help you through this difficult transition. The support they give could be the key to you reaching your goals.

And if you do resolve to be more productive at work and work towards a promotion and raise, start by calling Shred Monkeys for document shredding, your boss will be very impressed you took the initiative.