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Your Mobile Shredding Service in Orlando Offers Reasons You Could Get Fired

Companies take a gamble every time they hire a new employee. No matter how well planned their recruiting efforts were, how tenacious the interviews or how solid their training policies are, they can still wind up with an employee simply not the right fit for the company. And when this happens, they have to fire them.

Now, these very same companies also make some pretty good decisions during the hiring process. They find hard-working people who are dedicated to the company and are eager to grow and climb the corporate ladder. All is seemingly well until said employee makes a blunder or two and suddenly finds themselves standing in line at the unemployment office.

So even though you think you are in good standings at your place of employment because you do your job well, think again. There are any number of missteps that can get you fired. Shred Monkeys, your mobile shredding service in Orlando, offers you a list of reasons employees can get terminated.

Blunders on Social Media

The likes of Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites have done a fine job in leading to the termination of thousands of employees all over the country. In the beginning, those who wasted their days updating their statuses on Facebook while at work were let go. Then people who posted photos of themselves fishing or skiing in days they called in sick for work were fired. Then people started getting fired from their jobs for posting negative comments about their boss, co-workers or the company.

Lately, you hear a lot about people being let go for posting extreme political garbage or just being complete idiots on social media. Our advice to you; if you value your job, limit what you post to pictures of your kids or videos of cats playing the piano.


Fibbing on Your Resume

An increasing number of employers are scrutinizing resumes of potential employees. This is because there are a number of people who basically lie on their resumes or job applications. While this might get you that dream job you have always wanted, it is a good way to find yourself terminated when the organization finds out.

If you think that after you get hired, you have nothing to worry about, but this just isn’t true. With many companies, reference and background checks continue long after you are hired. Some organizations even run recurring checks on employees every year. So if you never did get that BA from Harvard, don’t say you did.

Unable to Get Along with Others

It is one thing to be a loner and keep to yourself while at work, it is another thing is you just don’t get along with others. It will get noticed if you are always arguing with colleagues, management or even clients and customers. This reflects poorly on you and creates a hostile environment within the organization. Shame on you, Mr. Angry Man.

Refusing to Follow Directions

We understand that there are those who feel they are always right and insist on doing things their way because it is better. Unfortunately, these people often find themselves looking for a new job after they have been fired from their old one.

You see, even though your way of doing something might be a little faster or slightly more efficient, it isn’t the way you are supposed to do it. The company you work for pays you good money to do things the way they ask you to. If you cannot follow directions, perhaps you should start up your own business.

Violating Company Policy

When you are hired, the organization you now work for will give you an employee handbook full of company policies. And it’s a funny thing, but they actually expect you to adhere to these policies. For example, if there is a policy that forbids inter-office dating, then you should obey that policy.

Too Much Time Off

While we are all probably guilty of calling in sick to take a mental health day, doing so all too often can lead to termination. Taking a day off here and there is fine, but if your constant absence is interfering with your production, you could lose your job.

So we suggest that you quit surfing the internet and reading really great articles about getting fired and call Shred Monkeys like you were asked to do.