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What Is Document Image Scanning?


Although we’re proud to be South Florida’s preferred provider of paper shredding services, transforming mountains unnecessary paperwork into piles of fluffy, shredded papers isn’t the only way that we help your business to operate more smoothly.

Shred Monkeys also provides comprehensive document scanning and imaging services for businesses and private customers throughout the Pembroke Pines area and beyond. In an increasingly digital world, it no longer makes sense for many people to keep 100 percent of their documents in paper form.

As we mentioned in a previous blog, long-term, physical storage of sensitive documentation takes up a lot of space, and puts your documents at risk for damage from water, smoke, dirt, fire, pests, and the aging process. To avoid these problems, many people are choosing to convert their documents from paper copies to digital assets using the document image scanning services we provide here at Shred Monkeys.

Would you rather have all of your documents on a hard drive instead of scattered about in various different filing cabinets? It might be time to think about hiring us as your document scanning company.

Keep reading to learn more about how document image scanning works and reasons you might need to consider it. Then, click the button below to contact Shred Monkeys for your free document image scanning quote!


How Document Image Scanning Works

Document image scanning is a process whereby a digital replica of a physical document is made using equipment like scanners or special cameras. The results is a “picture” of all the information contained in the original document that can be stored in another form, such as a digital file or microfilm. If you’ve ever used the microfiche archive at your library to search for a newspaper article from decades past, you’ve enjoyed the benefit and convenience of document image scanning.

Reasons You Need Document Image Scanning

Now that you know how document image scanning works, let’s talk about the benefits it can deliver for your business or personal life.

  1. Easy Access – Let’s say you have a medical practice that needs to access certain insurance forms or other documentation on a regular basis. You could force your employees to search for, retrieve, use, then re-file these documents every single time they’re needed, or you could use document imaging to turn them into a format that can be access via the internet or store on your personal servers.
  2. Enterprise Document Sharing – In many cases, businesses have documentation that needs to be accessible to several parties at any given time. A service provider, for example, may have accounts receivable that need to be accessed by both collections and accounting, possibly in multiple locations. This would be nearly impossible with a physical document, but is quite easy when the documents are virtual.
  3. Special Compliance – Sometimes, document scanning services are a matter of information security. “The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is one example of this,” explains Tronitech. “The protection of credit card payment data is difficult in a paper format; however, imaging the information so that it can be encrypted (encoded in a way that requires a key to translate the information), provides an acceptable method of compliance.”

Shred Monkeys Is Your Local Document Imaging And Storage Expert!

While document image scanning can be done in house, it’s often best left up to the experts who have the proper equipment and skills, not to mention the time to go through your documents piece by piece.

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