Based on multiple customer requests for a better document storage solution, we decided to expand our services to include storage file boxes.

We now offer an efficient alternative for the document management process: no matter what type of service, scanning, storage or destruction you need, Shred Monkeys Document Storage Boxes are the ultimate solution. Why should you have to spend many exhausting hours on box assembly, and labeling boxes for shredding, storage, scanning, etc? Even if you have the time, the quality of the Storage boxes you’re currently buying often do not hold up over time.

That’s why we designed, tested, and private labeled our own Shred Monkeys Storage File Box, with key features such as:

  • Assembles in under TWO seconds
  • Withstands abuse
  • Holds up to 200lbs of stackable boxes with double walls on all sides including the bottom of the box

The Shred Monkeys Storage Boxes also come with pre-printed sections for a quick selection of the type of service request, by a simple check mark.

Call Shred Monkeys at 954-271-0007 and place your order for the ultimate storage file box today!!