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Paper Shredding Services and Boredom

So, it’s Friday afternoon and only about two hours of work left until you can go home and enjoy the weekend. Oh, did we say work? The boss took a half day today so nobody is really working at all. In fact, everybody is just sitting around until 5 pm and are actually quite bored at the moment.

There are things you could be doing. For example, you could finish that Johnson contract that was due last week or you could call your Orlando paper shredding services, you have been putting that off for several weeks. But no, instead you are going to sit there at your desk and wonder what you can do to drive away the boredom. We can help. But first, you need to seriously call the paper shredding people.


Catch a Groovy Light Show

Blink your eyes wildly and really fast for about two minutes, close them tight and enjoy the cool light show. Try to make out shapes and see if it is your subconscious trying to send you a cryptic message.

Hold a Note

Take a deep breath, no, a really deep breath and try to make a noise for as long as you can while you exhale. Try this with other co-workers to see who can maintain the noise for the longest period of time and who can make the most annoying noise. You get bonus points if you make someone laugh so hard they snort.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Think About Penguins

Sit quietly at your desk and try not to think about penguins. This is difficult as if you are good and stop thinking about penguins, then you wonder what you were doing and are bored again and if you are still thinking about penguins, then you lose.

Jedi Mind Tricks

Pick a co-worker sitting close to you and see if you can command them using your Jedi mind tricks. Like, command them to pick their nose. Even if you don’t have any Jedi powers, at some point odds are they will actually pick their nose so you can at least convince yourself you have powers.

Invent a Weird Twitch

Adopt a strange twitch; ideally, something that happens to your face. For added amusement, follow the twitch up with a sporadic noise. The key to making this fun is maintaining a serious face throughout, you act like it’s completely natural for your face to convulse like that while spewing gurgling noises.

Make Star Trek Door Noises

Remember the noises the electric doors on Star Trek made? Do that whenever somebody opens or closes a door, desk drawer or opens a soda or package of food. Fun stuff to be sure.

Repeat the Same Word Over and Over

Repeat, out loud, the same word over and over until it has lost all of its meaning and is nothing but a jumbled up noise.

These pointless acts serve no purpose but to keep you from being bored while waiting for the work day to end.