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Calling Your Orlando Document Scanning Service is One Way to Impress Your Boss

It would be an ideal world if our bosses judged us all solely on the quantity and quality of the work we produce. The reality of the situation is that personal impression is also important. Unfortunately, not all of us have beaming personalities.

At any organization, impressing leadership is one of the best ways to get promoted. When the economy isn’t doing so well, impressing the boss could make the difference between keeping your job and getting laid off. Of course, there is a fine line between impressing your boss and doing something that can easily be perceived as sucking up to the boss. So you need to proceed with great caution.

Shred Monkeys, your document scanning service in Orlando, offers ways in which you can impress your boss.

Arrive Early

Getting to work early has always been a good way to impress leadership. It is often difficult to predict traffic and there are other factors that make us late for work. But one way to ensure you are never late for work is to show up early. Arriving at work early, even before the boss shows up, gives the impression that you have a very good work ethic.


Dress for Success

At a subconsciousness level, people who are nicely dressed are perceived as better workers than their peers who don’t dress up. But you need to be careful as if you dress too nicely, it can be taken as an obvious attempt of flattery. For example, if there are 200 men working at the organization and you are the only one who wears a tie, that makes you look really bad.

Sweat the Small Stuff

There are many little things that get overlooked or ignored by people in the workplace. These include specific work processes to maintenance issues like turning the fans off at night and wiping down the coffee machine when somebody spills. We aren’t saying you need to be the designated coffee stain cleaner to get noticed, but when you step up and take care of those little things that need to be done, it will put you in high regards.

An easy way to implement this is to teach yourself how to unjam the copy machine. By doing so, you will be the one people seek when they jam it up and this will be noticed.

Highlight Industry Innovations

Whatever you do in your line of work, you should know the industry as best as you can. This means you take the time to learn about best practices, new products or new technologies associated with what you do. When there is a story about your industry, send it to your boss. This shows that you are in the know and up-to-date with what is going on and you have your eye on the bigger picture.

Save Money

Stop and think about why your company is in business. To make money of course. And just like your personal finances, the organization you work for makes money two ways; by earning more or spending less. So keep on the lookout for ways to bring in more money into the company or to save money. If you do, it will do wonders in how leadership views you.

Informed Opinions

Everybody has an opinion, but good workers who desire to get noticed have well-informed opinions. It is quite alright to disagree with your boss as long as you can clearly present information as to why. Sharing this information politely with your boss shows you aren’t just a “yes” man, and you will garner respect for doing so.

Be Prepared

You are on the right track if you show up to work every morning prepared to carry out your daily tasks. It also helps if you show up to meetings with all of the information you need. Do the prep work ahead of time and understand what additional information or resources you need to move forward.

Go For It

If you are well-prepared, aren’t struggling to get ahead and see a new project that should be started or something else that needs to be done, go for it. The higher up in a company you want to go, the more risks you will have to take. If you are doing a great job at work, it is quite alright to overstep your boundaries a little bit.

Another way to impress your boss is by being proactive and calling Shred Monkeys to have those important documents scanned before somebody has to tell you to do it.