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Mobile Shredding Services in Orlando and Awkward Work Moments

Almost everything in life holds the potential for social embarrassment, especially things that happen every day at the office. This is one reason why you leave the paper shredding to the mobile shredding services in Orlando, it is just one less problem you have to worry about. Can you imagine what embarrassing moments might transpire if you dealt with shredding paper in the office?

We have all been there, perhaps you make an offhand remark that is taken completely out of context, you have a wardrobe malfunction or send an accidental email not meant to go to “all”. Now, being awkward is perfectly fine if you are at home all by yourself, not having to interact with other people. But once you get to the office, things start getting uncomfortable rather quickly. Here are a few examples of when things get awkward at the office.

Tummy Troubles

There is that span of time between that donut you slammed when you got into the office first thing in the morning and lunch when your tummy decides it wants to hold a conversation with you. Most of the time, it is just a low-pitched gurgle to remind you it is empty and needs to have the void filled.

However, your tummy sometimes throws a fit because it hasn’t had lunch yet or for some other reason and it happens right in the middle of a meeting. And it seems to be loudest during those spans of quiet time. Yup, right in the middle of an extended hush, your stomach gurgles at about 120 decibels, sending you into a flushed frenzy. The worst part about it is that you have no control over the situation.

You Get Caught Checking Instagram

You make a bad decision and decide to quickly check your Instagram account for just a minute, just as you boss stops by to ask you a question. In your panic, you close the wrong tab, which makes you look even more guilty.

You Eat the Wrong Turkey Sandwich

You packed the exact same looking turkey sandwich in a ziplock bag as someone else and kept it in the office refrigerator. You get halfway through the sandwich and realize you don’t recall putting avocado on yours, or using whole-grain bread. In fact, you may have actually brought a ham sandwich once you think about it. Now you are stuck pretending like this is the sandwich you are supposed to be eating, and you hate avocados.

Signing off on an Email with “Love”

Don’t you hate when that happens?


Shred Monkeys

On the same note, some people have ended professional phone calls with the “L” word as well.

Personal Phone Disruptions

You might think that your cell phone is set to silent, but that obnoxious noise it makes when you are getting an incoming phone call says otherwise. To make matters worse, the song you use for your ringtone is laced with profanities.

We have news for you; your text message tone, your tone that signals an email and the sound that your phone makes when someone likes you Facebook post are all obnoxious and annoying and you should be embarrassed.


Birthday celebrations at work are prime moments for extreme awkward moments. For example, you sign a birthday card with a questionable passage and when it is read out loud it sounds totally inappropriate and you were just trying to be funny. Just as awkward is when you get a birthday card signed by co-workers and it’s half empty because several people were on vacation that day. Boy, that makes you look like the unpopular one.

As you can see, at any given time, you could be caught in an awkward moment at work.