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Mobile Shredding Services and What Not to Wear at Work

Anyone who thinks they can wear whatever they want to work is completely confused, to put it mildly. Even if the place where you work is all hip and cool and claims to have no dress code, there are still things you don’t wear to the office.

Look, ladies, leave the Daisy Duke shorts at home and the fishnet stocking for your Friday night clubbing, nobody wants to see that when they are trying to make a sale or working on a contract. And guys, we don’t want to see you in flip-flops, no matter how great you think your feet look. They don’t; believe us.

Most of us have heard the advice that you should dress for the job you want. When you are wearing dresses clearly too short and tops clearly too low, we wonder what job you want.

You have also been raised to overdress as opposed to underdress, but somehow that lesson has escaped you.

Dress codes vary and some companies even claim not to have dress codes. But to be sure, even companies without dress codes will be hard-pressed to allow you to wear some of the following items. In fact, they might call their Orlando mobile shredding services for your top.


Flip-Flops, Gladiator Sandals and Other Super-Casual Summer Footwear

When it’s summertime and it’s hot outside, flip-flops are freaking awesome. Unfortunately, you work n a building with central air conditioning. So wait until after work to free your feet from the argyle socks and wing tips.


You are a tool if you wear your sunglasses in the office. We know, it’s a hard pill to swallow if you are that guy, but it’s better than leading a life of a fool.

Logo Shirts

It’s one thing to wear a logo t-shirt on casual Friday that doesn’t draw too much attention. But wearing a really obnoxious Slayer t-shirt is a no-no. And we love Slayer, we just don’t want to see bad t-shirts at work.

Any shirt depicting beer, a dog, cartoon figures, humorous play on words, or a statement of your awesomeness needs to stay at home.

Torn Jeans

What are you, 12 years old? Why would anybody in their right mind buy jeans that are pre-torn?

Obnoxious Fingernails

OK, this isn’t a piece of clothing, but still not something you should not be showing off at work. If you have trouble handling your iPhone because your nails get in the way, it’s time to reconsider your life choices. Now, we aren’t saying you can’t have painted nails or even a touch of bling on your nails, just keep it under control.

Anything Strapless

Tank tops and spaghetti straps are bad enough, but anything strapless is totally unacceptable in a work environment. Women baring their arms is a risk, only some can pull it off without looking ridiculous.

Jumpsuits and Rompers

Most people can’t get away with wearing jumpsuits and rompers at Walmart without causing a ruckus. Overalls can be added to the list of items not to wear at work as well.

And that concludes our list of what not to wear at work.