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Is DIY Paper Shredding Putting Your Family At Risk?


Most of us have used a paper shredder before. Many people find the experience of feeding paper documents into a shredder oddly satisfying, as what was once a single sheet of paper is quickly transformed into so many narrow strips by the teeth of the shredding tool.

Paper Shredding Is Better Left To The Pros

After the “ahh yess” feeling of document destruction, most of us go back to our daily tasks and don’t give the device a second thought…until the next time we need to shred something, of course. But anecdotal accounts suggest that having a paper shredder in your home can actually increase the risks of terrible bodily injury to yourself or a family member.

No we’re not being dramatic! There are multiple, well-documented stories from reputable sources that demonstrate the different ways in which DIY paper shredding can be a dangerous game. Keep reading to learn more, then contact Shred Monkeys in Orlando for a FREE paper shredding quote for professional document destruction.

Leave the the dangerous work of paper shredding up to the experts and keep yourself safe!

Personal Injuries From Paper Shredding

At first glance, a paper shredder seems like a benign device. It’s basically just a big trash can with a lid that contains a narrow slot into which paper is fed. This is something that most adults should be able to handle without incident, right? Wrong.

“A report by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission found that shredders have caused various finger injuries, including amputations and lacerations. These injuries can be caused in any number of ways. Loose clothing or jewelry can get caught in a shredder, so be mindful of what is on your person when shredding documents,” writes Teddy Wilson for AZ Central. In many cases, fingers get caught while attempting to remove paper jams.

Paper Shredding Injuries To Children

When the CPSC recently investigated home paper shredder injuries, they discovered that 71 percent of the home paper shredder injuries reported were to children under 12 years of age. Over half of those injuries involved children under 3 years of age.

Children often imitate adult behavior as a part of their learning and development process. When this behavior includes putting paper (and possibly even fingers) into the maw of the paper shredder, it usually results in disaster.

Paper Shredding Injuries To Pets

Think that paper shredding hazards are limited to absent-minded adults and small children who don’t know any better. In one particularly devastating account reported on, a very sweet 1 ½ year old lab puppy had to be euthanized after putting its inquisitive tongue into a paper shredder that had been left in the “auto on” setting. “According to the veterinary literature it is also possible for animals to be injured other places than tongues — a Basset lost an ear, a long-haired cat most of the skin on its side, a kitten a foot, etc.” explains Snopes.

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