Document Scanning Services

documentimagingDocument Scanning is a business practice designed to save time and money, preserve natural resources, secure vital information, create a disaster-proof backup system, free up much-needed space, and allow access to any document at any time in seconds. Shred Monkeys specializes in turning your paper into digital information you can use via our on site document imaging, Back File conversion, recurring scanning or scan-on-demand services. We image and scan documents with impeccable clarity, regardless of the document type or industry.

Our cutting edge document scanning technology and proficient processes means Shred Monkeys is the most affordable, secure, and efficient document scanning company in South Florida. Contact us for a solution to your paper management challenges.

Our Document Scanning department is on standby ready to process your paper documents:
Law Firms – Medical – Financial – Government – Real Estate – Title/Mortgage – Construction – Accountants – Insurance – Manufacturing – Car Dealerships

Document Storage Services

documentstorageShred Monkeys’ strength is providing solutions for the full document life cycle all under one roof–no subcontractors or third parties involved! We guarantee the highest level of security in all aspects of document management. Our secure records storage is an ideal solution for organizations that need to store physical documents, protect and manage their information. Shred Monkeys’ affordable off-site services reduce the cost of document storage, administration, records retrieval, and transportation.

We make it simple, so order your Shred Monkeys custom boxes today! Our boxes are specifically designed for your document storage solutions.