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DIY Paper Shredding Vs. Hiring A Pro

Let’s say you’re the office manager of a doctor’s office, high school, or other institution that has reason to collect and store information about others that might be considered sensitive. Let’s also say that you’ve run out of room in your current records storage facility, and the time has come to purge unnecessary and outdated documents from your possession.

Your options are a) spend the next three to five weeks feeding single sheets of paper into your dinky office shredding machine or b) hiring the paper shredding services professionals at Shred Monkeys in Pembroke Pines.

Here’s the thing, as an office manager, you’re constantly fielding requests from the Boss to cut unnecessary expenses. So how do you convince them that professional paper shredding services are worth the cost, even though your office is already in possession of a shredder?

To answer your question, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of DIY paper shredding vs. hiring the pros.

Pros of DIY Document Destruction

  • It’s Cheap – Sure, all you need to shred a document is to buy a personal shredder (they can be as low as $25) and start feeding in the pages.
  • Anyone Can Do It – Personal shredders don’t take any knowledge or training to operate, so you can just as your receptionist, your intern, or even the janitor to do it.

Cons of DIY Document Destruction

  • It’s SLOW –  Most personal shredders are dreadfully underpowered (that’s why they’re so cheap) so it can take up to two hours to make your way through a single file storage box of documents. It you’re looking to shred a lot of documentation, it could take forever. Is that really the best use of your employee’s time?
  • What About Disposal? –  As we’ve mentioned above, using a personal office shredder is simple and anyone can do it. But what happens after your shredding job is complete? What are you going to do with the huge amount of shredded paper that is the result of bulk document shredding? If you choose to DIY, recycling or disposing of these paper will be your responsibility alone.
  • It’s Risky – Everytime a new employee enters the shredding process, walks into the shredding room, or bags up the remains of shredded documents, the security of your information takes a nosedive. Document destruction is a big part of information security, but unless the handling process is secure, you can never really be too sure.

Pros Of Paper Shredding Services

  • It’s Secure – The paper shredding services we provide here at Shred Monkeys are certified to be legally compliant and secure. When you hired us to handle your document destruction, you can be sure that the information is safe along every step of the process: from your facility to ours.
  • It Saves You Money – Why pay your employee a full hourly wage to sit in front of a paper shredder when for a small fee, you could hire the professionals at Shred Monkeys to take care of it in a matter of hours? When you factor in the depreciation and maintenance costs on your shredder, our professional shredding services may be drastically cheaper!
  • It Keeps You Compliant – There are a collection of ever-changing federal and state information destruction laws with which you have to be compliant. If you toss something in the office shredder, there’s no record of the destruction or proof it was disposed of properly. However, when you choose our paper shredding services, you’ll get a Certificate of Destruction with all the information you need to prove processes were followed correctly.
  • It’s Convenient! – Did you know that Shred Monkeys offers mobile onsite and pick-up shredding services? Made possible by our secure curbside bins, these services allow you to handle document destruction professionally without taking time away from your busy day.

Cons Of Paper Shredding Services

We honestly can’t think of any! Don’t waste your time and money trying to DIY your paper shredding needs. Contact Shred Monkeys in Pembroke Pines today to learn more about how we can revolutionize your document destruction process. We’d be more than happy to listen to your shredding needs, evaluate the quantity of documentation that you need destroyed, and provide you with a FREE quote.

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