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Utilizing Paper Shredding Services in Orlando

The inability to discard worthless things that have no known value is often referred to as hoarding. Hoarding is a bad habit. You might picture a hoarder as a homeowner with rooms in his house filled with junk, something you might see on a reality television show. What you might not know is that companies can be hoarders as well. There are many organizations that obsessively collect and store vast amounts of paper over time.

In this day and age, every business collects and maintains sensitive information. This is completely normal, to an extent. There are any number of documents that should be destroyed after a certain period of time as they can hurt a company or an individual.

Customer lists, credit card information and payroll records are just a sample of records that should be destroyed when they are no longer needed, not stored in a back closet in the office where they can fall into the hands of the wrong person.

As competition between companies grows and people, in general, become more concerned about protecting personal information, it is of paramount importance that these organizations protect both internal information and sensitive information concerning their employees and clients. Critical information that can compromise an organization is widely available on paper. Throwing such documents away by simply crumbling them up and tossing them in the garbage comes with a great risk. One way to address concerns about privacy and information falling into the wrong hands is through the utilization of paper shredding services in Orlando.

There are numerous reasons why a paper shredding service is an important asset to your company or organization.


Identity Theft

This is a huge reason to have certain records destroyed. Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information and passes that along to somebody else in need of a fake identity. When this happens, it never leads to a good place. In fact, identity theft can leave all of your bank accounts empty and your credit cards maxed out. Not a fun problem to have to fix.


Like we stated earlier, the business world is a mighty competitive place and there are rogue organizations in existence that would stop at nothing to gather as much dirt as possible on other companies by any means necessary. This includes stealing documents. Even organizations who are unconcerned with profits need to keep their documents safe from prying fingers.

Simply throwing such important documents away isn’t a good way to dispose of them, not when information seekers and other competitors can simply pick through documents from the trash and use them against you. You can go out and purchase a shredder for your office, but what about properly shredding credit cards, CDs, DVDs and even tape cassettes with sensitive information?

Environmentally Friendly

Waste management should be a big concern with every business and organization. Effectively disposing of waste helps keep your office space orderly, clean and organized. These are characteristics of a productive environment. Delegating a back room in the office for storage of paperwork is neither efficient nor productive.

Legal Obligations

This might not apply to all businesses or organizations, but there are many that are legally bound to destroy certain documents in order to protect the privacy of a client. There are also many cases in which there is no legal obligation to destroy certain documents, but it should be done anyway to protect a client. It is always best when in doubt to err on the side of caution and have those documents shredded so that they don’t pose a risk of a negative impact. It is your responsibility to protect the well-being of your clients.

Protect Your Employees

Just as your clients, your employees have a legal right to privacy. It is natural for employers to hold personal documented information about their employees and it is expected that such information is safe. When that information is no longer relevant or needed, it should be discarded in the safest possible manner. Again, simply throwing such documents away is not the safest choice, you need a professional paper shredding service.

Save Space

Think about what you can to with all of that extra space you will have after you have all of those documents shredded and removed from the office.