1. Why Use A Mobile Shredding Service?

    Shred Monkey is proud to be Central & South Florida’s #1 choice when it comes to document shredding services. We didn’t create this reputation by magic or overnight. We worked hard to provide shredding services that exceed the competition in every way. This means offering convenient mobile shredding services in Orlando, in addition to our drop-off and pick-up document shredding options. Ma…Read More

  2. What Is Document Image Scanning?

    Although we’re proud to be South Florida’s preferred provider of paper shredding services, transforming mountains unnecessary paperwork into piles of fluffy, shredded papers isn’t the only way that we help your business to operate more smoothly. Shred Monkeys also provides comprehensive document scanning and imaging services for businesses and private customers throughout the Pembroke Pines …Read More

  3. Are Your File Boxes Stressing You Out?

    In all the years that we’ve been providing paper shredding, document image scanning, and data storage services in Pembroke Pines, we’ve met some people who were sorely in need of document destruction services. We’ve encountered private citizens that have newspapers, old photo albums, and personal documents from multiple generations stacked floor to ceiling in their basement. We’ve also had…Read More

  4. How To Destroy Documents Without A Shredder (But We Don’t Recommend It!)

    As private citizens and public business owners, our lives are full of sensitive documentation. It could be bills or invoices with your personal or financial information on it. It could be old insurance cards or simply the hard drive that you use when you work at home sometimes. As we’ve detailed in a previous blog, the United States of America has a series of robust laws designed specifically to…Read More

  5. 4 Things You Should Know About Information Security Laws

    Here at Shred Monkeys, we’re passionate about more than just helping people in Pembroke Pines dispose of unwanted documentation. Sure, we love to provide paper shredding services to both private residents and businesses who are drowning in a sea of overflowing file boxes. That’s why we’ve created not just one, but THREE easy ways to take advantage of our paper shredding services throughout S…Read More

  6. The Top 3 Benefits Of Responsible Mobile Shredding Services

    As a Pembroke Pines company that has been providing document shredding services to Orlando, Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County for over 10 years, Shred Monkeys is keenly aware of the impact that a simple thing like mobile shredding services can have on the community. You might think we’re being hyperbolic, but it’s true! For government agencies, commercial organizations, …Read More

  7. What Documents Should Be Shredded?

    It’s early January, and the cold and snow are keeping people across America cooped up indoors. While staying in and watching movies every night sounds fun in the beginning, after a few works most people start to feel a little stir crazy. Locked up inside with all of your stuff provides the perfect opportunity to realize just how much, you know, crap you’ve accumulated. The worst offenders are …Read More

  8. DIY Paper Shredding Vs. Hiring A Pro

    Let’s say you’re the office manager of a doctor’s office, high school, or other institution that has reason to collect and store information about others that might be considered sensitive. Let’s also say that you’ve run out of room in your current records storage facility, and the time has come to purge unnecessary and outdated documents from your possession. Your options are a) spend t…Read More

  9. Why Choose A Mobile Shredding Service?

    Shred Monkeys has worked hard to become the go-to document destruction company that businesses in the Pembroke Pines area know they can trust. But we understand that actually feeding documents into the shredder is only part of the job. In order to get ready for shredding services, you’ve got to sort through all of the expired or unwanted documentation at your company, box it up, search Google fo…Read More

  10. Are Paper Shredding Services Safe?

    Running a business requires copious amounts of documentation and transaction records. When many people start a company or organization, the last thing they think about is the mountain of paper documents they’ll create over the lifetime of the business. Many people just assume that they can throw out paperwork they no longer need, but doing so can actually put the identity and the financial healt…Read More