1. Blood, Shred & Beers – A Huge Thanks

    Thank you for joining us at Blood, Shred & Beers! We are excited to share that we shredded over 6,000lbs of paper and 51 potential lives were saved with blood donations! A huge thank you to SHRED MONKEYS, American Red Cross of South Carolina, and Steel Hands Brewing for making this event possible, from the Columbia Chamber…Read More

  2. Blood, Shred & Beers – August 23, 2019

    Shred Monkey's is proud to be apart of Blood, Shred and Beers on August 23, from 1pm - 5pm in Cayce, South Carolina. Come join us along with Steel Hands Brewing, American Red Cross and Barefoot Outfooters for a fantastic event!…Read More

  3. New Horizons 45th Anniversary Luncheon

    Shred Monkeys and DittCorp proud to be a sponsor for New Horizons 45th Anniversary Luncheon. What an amazing organization and cause. We heard touching and inspirational testimonials from its leadership, directors and team. About New Horizons: Millions of Americans are faced with mental health and substance abuse issues which serve as significant barriers to individuals leading productive lives and…Read More

  4. Big News For 2019

    Big News for 2019! The Shred Monkeys family wishes you a New Year filled with Prosperity, Success and Health! Thanks to our loyal customers Shred Monkeys has achieved another successful year of growth! Shred Monkeys has become the leading data security company of choice in South Florida and South Carolina by businesses and residential customers. Shred Monkeys growth year after year is due to its f…Read More

  5. What You Need At Your Desk

    Your Paper Shredding Service in Orlando Offers a List of What You Need at Your Desk

    Your desk might be messy, disorganized and maybe even a little gross, but that usually doesn't mean your productivity is less than the person sitting next to you. That is because even though your desk and the area where you work might be a little on the messy side, you have all of the essentials you need to get through the day no matter what comes your way. If you think about it, you probably spen…Read More

  6. Ways to deal with a bad boss

    Your Document Scanning Service in Orlando Offers Ways to Deal with a Bad Boss

    If you have a lousy boss, you have our sympathy. It can really be a huge setback to what otherwise might be a rewarding and fulfilling career. A bad boss might leave you feeling undervalued and wondering if you should be on the market searching for something new. But before you scrawl out an exit strategy, it makes sense to rethink your situation and ways in which you can better manage your boss, …Read More

  7. Keeping Resolutions

    Your Mobile Shredding Service in Orlando Offers Tips to Keeping Resolutions

    Maybe you rang in 2018 with the resolve to lose weight, quit smoking or be more productive at work. At least you picked realistic goals to reach. These resolutions probably sound very familiar to many of you, as they are goals that you have set for yourself in the past many, many times. And they are probably goals you will vow to reach every New Year's Eve. This is because the same thing happens a…Read More

  8. holiday bonus

    Your Paper Shredding Service in Orlando Offers Up What to do with Your Holiday Bonus

    If your company gives you more than a ham and a lame party for Christmas, consider yourself lucky. While many of you are busy buying gifts for Christmas, decorating your house with lights and other festive items and making a list of new year resolutions, others are getting significant Christmas or year-end bonuses and need to figure out what to do with their money. If you aren't the lucky group of…Read More

  9. Your Orlando Mobile Paper Shredding Service Offers Gift Ideas for Your Boss

    It's that time of year when we spend a lot of time and money buying gifts for our friends and family members for the holidays. Some people are easy to shop for, like kids for example. Some people are rather difficult to shop for, like uncle Phil who already has everything. And then there is your boss, who you have to buy a gift for this year. That's right, you and your coworkers all ante up every …Read More