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Are Your File Boxes Stressing You Out?


In all the years that we’ve been providing paper shredding, document image scanning, and data storage services in Pembroke Pines, we’ve met some people who were sorely in need of document destruction services.

We’ve encountered private citizens that have newspapers, old photo albums, and personal documents from multiple generations stacked floor to ceiling in their basement. We’ve also had the pleasure of helping business owners who were afraid to go into their back storage room for fear that one wrong move would knock over their precarious document towers and trap them inside for life.

In addition to our paper shredding and document image scanning services, Shred Monkeys is proud to provide customers in and around Pembroke Pines with high quality file storage boxes to help keep documents safe and secure while physical copies are still needed.

Are you drowning in disorganized piles of paperwork? Let Shred Monkeys help! We offer our very own brand of premium file storage boxes that are by far the best we’ve seen in the industry. Keep reading to learn why high-quality file storage solutions are so important, and click the button to get a quote for document storage boxes today!


Why Are File Storage Boxes Important?

Before we delve into all the reasons why our file storage boxes will change the way you do business, let’s discuss why it’s important to even think about the way that you’re storing physical documentation.

1. First, there’s the security concern. Leaving the personal information of your clients and customers in an unsecured area where it could be accessed by the public or employees without proper security clearance is a big faux pas. If that information is stolen or misused in some way, you could face stiff legal penalties.

For this reason, many people choose to create a file storage area in a closed or other part of their business location where it can be locked up as needed. But you can’t just have papers shoved into file cabinets or stacked on shelves. That’s why many businesses rely on file storage boxes as organizational tools.

2. Second, there’s the concern of damage. One of the biggest problems with relying on paper documentation is that it can easily be damaged by water, dirt, fire, and aging. When placed in file storage boxes, papers have a better chance of remaining intact and legible even years later.

3. Third, there’s the issue of cost. Professional, lockable file cabinets can be expensive, hard to move, and not very modular. If you get a sudden influx of paperwork, you have to either buy a new cabinet or deal with things being messy for a while. When you choose file storage boxes, however, your files will be easily accessible and protected in a way that’s easy to adapt to changing circumstances.

Shred Monkeys Offers Affordable Storage File Boxes In Pembroke Pines

Contact our office to learn more about our document storage boxes which were designed, tested, and branded by Shred Monkeys! We guarantee that you’ll never want to use another style of file storage box again. Call now!