Shred Monkeys mobile onsite shredding services is especially designed for government, commercial and residential clients who have sensitive document

Pick Up

Shred Monkeys offers an alternative, cost effective document shredding service for government, commercial and residential clients who generate sensitive documents

Drop Off

Shred Monkeys offers convenient drop off locations for clients who only have one or two boxes, just a few files or small amounts at different times

Storage Boxes

Shred Monkeys is not in the business of selling Storage Boxes, based on multiple customer request for a better solution,


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The difference with all the above in mind, is the service! We believe in the latest in cutting-edge technology with a twist, Good old fashion personal service. Should you have any questions, comments or would like to place your order we have customer service representatives ready to assist you all the time no recordings. Its simple Our customers deserve it!

Why Choose Shred Monkeys

We are more than your ordinary shredding company! We deliver true document management solutions from document destruction to a full document storage solution with the latest in technology and software solutions to ensure the highest level of security, record retention, retrieval and workflow applications all under one roof.

Try us for FREE for 30 DAYS if you are not completely satisfied with our service, YOU will not owe us a penny, that simple! .

The word is out, Shred Monkeys is changing the document destruction industry, raising the bar for other document destruction companies to Climb too!